San Francisco Bay Area Artists Art Galleries
( Under Redevelpment )

San Francisco California has always been the magnetism which has drawn artists and educators to expand, innovate and experiment with new art forms. The world famous San Francisco Art Institute was the early foundation for the likes of Ansel Adams, who founded the first fine arts photography department in the US at the institute

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is a dynamic center for modern and contemporary art. The museum strives to engage and inspire a diverse range of audiences by pursuing an innovative program of exhibitions, education, publications, and collections activities. International in scope, while reflecting the distinctive character of our region, the museum explores compelling expressions of visual culture

Since its founding in 1871, San Francisco Art Institute has sought to educate artists within an environment in which the most advanced and experimental forms of contemporary art are amply represented. Students are given direct access to exhibitions, lectures, symposia, films, and other unique interdisciplinary events. An integral part of campus life, such events connect students to the larger community of artists, art, and contemporary ideas

We also suggest and invite you to visit the picturesque, Mediterranean- ambiance of Sausalito and its waterfront venues and stunning views. The City of Sausalito is well known to be an early "Art Mecca" in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California we invite you to visit the following webpage "Sausalito" which also offers a video tour of the City.

The Art media that will be represented, will include the following Categories

Abstract Paintings, Acrylics, Animal Portraits, African Art, Scroll Paintings, Bronze Sculpture, Ceramics Glazed, Clay, Copper, Encaustics, Fantasy Art,  Figure Paintings, Figurative Paintings, Fine glass, Folk Art, Functional Art Wood Furniture, Giclee Print and Processing, Handmade Paper Collage, Handmade Silver Jewelry, Humorous Funny Whimsical, Illustration, Impressionism, Indian, Interior Art and Design.

Japanese traditional landscape still life, Landscape, Marine, Mixed Media, Mobil Sculptures, Murals, Mystical, Native American, Neo Impressionism, Oceanscapes, Oils, Open Air Colorist, Pastel Landscape, Pen and Pencil Drawings Sketches, Photographic Prints, Photography, Plein Air, Pointillism, Portraits, Prints and lithographs, 

Romantic Realism, Russian Impressionist Traditional, Sculptured Marble and Stone, Seascapes, Shona Stone Art Sculptures, Stained Glass, Stainless Steel and Bronze Sculpture, Still Life's, Surreal, Tribal, Traditionalist, Watercolor, Wall, Wilderness and Nature Photographer, Wood Sculptures